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1970 - 1978
JMC entered into Roller Bearing Industry and quickly gained technical capability for manufacturing Heavy Duty Bearings.
With persistent work in R&D, JMC introduced tailor made Bearings for Water Pumps with integrated Shaft, spigot Bearing for Gear Box, high speed Spindle Bearings for tyre cord twisters and high temperature Bearings for Ceramic Industry.
JMC entered into manufacturing Roller Cage Bearings for high quality applications, having low carbon Steel end plates and stay bars. They were widely used in material handling equipments.
JMC brought out Industrial quality Bearings with Castellated Milled end rings and straight Rollers without steps in the end.

1979 - 1988
JMC gained reputation in Engineering Industry in General and Steel Plants in particular for manufacturing Roller Bearings.

The need to manufacture Flexible Roller Bearing and Spiral (Flexible) Bush Bearing as an import substitution product aroused and was implemented immediately.

1990 - 1992

With the In-Built quality Circle and Continuous strive to break new grounds in the field of Non-standard Heavy Duty Bearings, JMC could design and develop their own equipments for checking Bearings.

The Back-up Bearing was developed for 20HI Sendzmir Cold Rolling Mill.

1995 - 1999
For the Bar and Wire Rod Mills JMC developed Multi Row (4 Row) Cylindrical Roller Bearings. These Bearings are used where space restriction in radial direction is very severe. The high speed Rolls must have the low rolling contact friction, type of Bearings.

JMC did succeed to develop the Cylindrical Roller Bearings cut into two halves (Split Roller Bearings). The application is mainly in the middle of Shafts where mounting and dismounting can be done without disturbing adjacent components.
For Steel Plants JMC developed Taper Roller Bearing for different Applications like CCS, Ingot Bogie, BBM, Merchant Mill etc.

2000 - 2001
The Pressure Roller Units used in Palletizing Machine in the continuos furnace of Sintering plant was developed and run successfully in High Temperature and Dusty environment.

2002 - 2005
a) JMC has developed Universal Joint Cross Bearings and complete Journal Cross Assembly for Rolling Mills.

b) JMC also has developed Pinion Shafts & Planetary Gear Pins for the Gear Transmissions. This product is a Deemed export, completely outsourced through us.